#‎LELA‬ [Lost En Los Angeles] is out next week.

The new album from KARI FAUX of Little Rock, AR boasts the single “This Right Here” produced by Black Party and directed by Saltwater & Chaos.

Faux means false or artificial. But Kari is truer than most…

We had a listen to the single:

This dope as hell tune embodies rediscovery and rebirth…  demonstrating that Kari is way cooler than anyone else in the park right now…

The slightly malicious lyrics are full of desire and wanting plus there’s delicious excavation.

We agree with the sentiment … don’t keep looking at your phone boy/girl … cos ain’t nobody gonna come…

The video contains an allusion to Connect Four. That’s the pastime game in which we drop dichromatic discs into waiting slots. Do ya take it?

Words:@neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/karifaux
Lost En Los Angeles by Kari Faux is out 8 April