This video from Elizabethtown’s most positive hip hop artist B-rad From The Breeze  features cameos from the steely boys of O’kingdom and was produced by Ski Beatz

B-Rad from the Breeze short

Against a zebra-striped beat and high-precision, starchy thrums stands the confident vocal. It ebbs between buried problems and flows towards freedom … free from the fire – to fly higher.

With its straps and stickies and those heavy twinwall guitars – this feels fiercely industrial. And the “Take you places you ain’t never been” chorus bursts upon you like a flaming backdraft. So put on your breathing apparatus and get prepared. Because, soon enough, you’ll realize that you must “Step into the fire…” if you wanna go higher! Clever eh?

To be played at maximum hoop strength

– © Neil_Mach October 2013 –