We have been listening to the first and title track from Lana’s new record – Honeymoon at http://lanadel.re/

Honeymoon - softly depressed nyctophilia..

Honeymoon – softly depressed nyctophilia..

This is darker than the underside of that city bridge you understand is the best to jump from. When the time is right.

Pizzicato, fluttering violins are moth-like & strong and will soften the heart. Whilst other strings seem almost guilty pleasures in the shadows.

The voice is, of course, filled with pastelized pigments of pale glimmering light that seem to yawn across empty skies, orchestrated.

You might catch the spark of something tender and mellow in this softly depressed nyctophilia…  But, it’s true, honeymoon glamour is dying out.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

Link: New York · www.lanadelrey.com