It’s girl-band time. And here are three new funk stars to get excited about.

Alice, Jeni & Mari are from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Pearls Negras rap in Portuguese.

Along to fun time baile funk masterpieces. These ‘Honeys’ [Meu Bem] will freshen up your day and cause a favela fiesta to frolic through your filaments.

They have just completed a Euro tour where they visited Glastonbury UK. And now the girls are fired up to take their sounds (and moves) global.

PEARLS NEGRAS  brilliant choreography and flavoursome musicality...

PEARLS NEGRAS brilliant choreography and flavoursome musicality…

We checked the new vid:

Electronic drums volt back and bite you, whilst chops arrive faster than the cable-pings on the Bondinho do Alemão cablecar.

They are neat and piercing… And the melody is sweet and memorable.

It’s great to see women in charge now. The Pearls Negras show that promiscuity and crime are not the only things that come from the favelas.

This trio glamorize hard work and musical prowess . Surely, that’s the way to claim back the power?

The validity of those sharp rhymes and the vivid seduction of those street scenes … ( not to mention the Pearls Negras themselves ) with brilliant choreography and flavoursome musicality, means that success cannot be far away, now, for these ladies.

A debut album is coming, scheduled for launch in October.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©