Black Umbrella founder and out-right entrepreneur RAZ SIMONE is known for his genuine rapping and heartfelt sincerity.

RAZ SIMONE - Efficient, superior, unique...

RAZ SIMONE – Efficient, superior, unique…

Now he has delivered an incredible new single “Afraid of Me” ft. the talented b-boy rapper Jay Park.

On this track [shared below] the Seattle, WA based hip-hop artist has produced a deliciously opalescent and highly-flavored folk-sounding piece with fiddle-play and evocative rhythms.

This is individualistic, flaming hot and the vocal is super-smooth and breathy.

Efficient, superior, unique.

Produced by: Raz Simone and @JakeCrockerMusic
Guitar by: Brian “Warmgun” Chin (@ThisIsWarmGun)
Violin: John Sinclair (@SaintClaireOfficial)