The Surrey-based UK songwriter, rapper and producer TWIVEE creates darkly passionate, emotional and very English sounds. He has now issued his “On Paper”  mix-tape.

TWIVEE - bittersweet irony and anger, undiluted...

TWIVEE – bittersweet irony and anger, undiluted…

We had a listen:

The strong and, ultimately, victorious opening track “We Own The Night” [Beat provided by Freek Van Workum, produced by Twivee and with vocals by Twivee] begins with the “words on the paper” lyric. This song elbows into the room like a tough guy with a grudge to settle.

The gunning machine beat and a dangerous rebound contains itchy-stubble resentment that is barely restrained through the multiple layers. In fact, this is all about knuckling down. Facing up. Understanding that work is not about slave labor but about practicing skills and aiming for better… It’s about thinking smart and getting the best results. So when Twivee “rhymes with revision and trusts it like religion…” he is bull-necked and sovereign.

Nothing From Me” (feat. Jay Wil and Written By Twivee with Jay Will, produced by Twivee & J Chandler and with Vocals by Twivee, Jay Will & A1)  is a half-angry soliloquy which would be indignant if it weren’t so damn capable and dynamic.

Backchat just gives me support / It’s funny what they say to diss you…” Twivee actually doesn’t mind the critics, it seems, because the dissaholic insults hateful [as they intend to be] only serve to make us stronger. The dark-side, though, is that kids these days feel vulnerable and defenseless in their last hideouts — the sanctity of their bedrooms.

Yes, the idle scum who purposely, deliberately and for their own self-amusement, criticize the work, appearance or accomplishments of others are worse than subhuman. Consequently, this piece is filled with mechanical and electrical energy and the type of hot-tempered resilience that offers the defenseless a valuable mechansm for spring back and means of attack, no matter what the adversity might seem to be.

Baptismal Waters” continues this theme of peppery shielding. “I adapt to the breeze” says Twivee. So there ain’t no point in denigrating the man.

This piece showcases some spectacularly acrobatic high-speed wordplay. And it’s not all bitches, pimps and hoes either … It’s about honest life experiences and modern problems, troubles and vexations… All filled with bittersweet irony and anger, undiluted.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©