London via Brisbane [Australia] Melbourne’s REMI Kolawole is gearing up for the forthcoming Divas and Demons release [available 16 September – which also features the tracks ‘For Good‘ ft. Sampa the Great plus ‘Substance Therapy.’]

Remi - behind the beautiful visage [...] never introverted

Remi – behind the beautiful visage […] never introverted

So now, in preparation, we have Lose Sleep (feat the sublime velvet vocals of @JordanRakei ]

As you can imagine, this has a drowsy soul-infused feel to it. And night-time rhythms. But behind the beautiful visage this is never introverted. It’s a strong paean to overcoming the struggle, ignorance and opinion. To gain eventual equality.

This is the first body of work we’ve ever done that feels like it’s a diary.  It’s pretty much my experience of the last two years in terms of relationship stuff, race stuff, political observations and mental health.  I think you can hear that in the album, you can hear that it’s my brain… lyrically.” – Remi

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