DE’WAYNE JACKSON has released a new video “Watchin” featuring the talents of Producer/Engineer/Musician André Paxton.

The track comes from Jackson’s surreal and experimentalist debut EP, “Don’t Be Afraid” available for pre order now.

De’Wayne Jackson – sinful dopamine chemicals…

Jackson explains the visuals, “Instead of having people watch us, through our phones or computers I wanted to give an experience of watching yourself. There’s a battle between good and evil.

De’Wayne Jackson spent his formative years in a small suburb outside of Houston, immersed in a city that was fast becoming known for its burgeoning hip-hop lean culture. “It’s a really good culture, but if you wasn’t doing that like, even now – you’re considered a bit of a weirdo if you were doing anything other than that,” remembers Jackson – now 21 years old and living in Los Angeles. The walls of the charismatic artist’s room are a wistful collage of eclectic artists from Kurt Cobain to Morrissey.

Ever since I was younger, I always knew I was a bit of an outsider, but it never really scared me from making my own type of music,” he says. “I just kind of embraced it…

We had a listen to Watchin:

Bruising beats and purple synths-sounds prompt the clear vocal to rid itself of those lazy-sinful dopamine chemicals. Yes, this is full of neurotransmitter darkness…

“Don’t Be Afraid” by De’Wayne Jackson is out May 26 2017