The Montreal born now Toronto-based pop artist MAYA MALKIN has released a new & cleverly amusing Adam Capriolo⁣⁣⁣ directed music video for her sophomore single: ‘Congratulations’.

“ a million tinkerbells in a tidy sky…”

The film is very much a groovy metaphor of the sprightly flavors dreamed-up in the song — which itself is an allegorical expression of exasperation aimed squarely at all those air-heads around us who seek relentless admiration, acceptance and approval. Is this what day-to-day living has become? An unending popularity contest? With winners and losers (and nobody in the middle)???


As a splendid piece of modern pop, ‘Congratulations’ chimes like a million tinkerbells in a tidy sky, and is conveyed with a voice that’s as feathery as cherub plumage caught in the gleaming show-lights…

And, yeah, it’s true — we’re all in the cross hairs now… Because if you’re not in stardom then you’re just in the shadows.

Maya is a recipient of the coveted Canada’s Walk of Fame RBC Emerging Musician Program.