AlunaGeorge are an English electronic music duo from London, consisting of Aluna Francis (vocals) and George Reid (production).

It was announced on 6 December 2012 that AlunaGeorge had been shortlisted for the 2013 BRIT Award of Critics’ Choice. On 9 December the BBC announced that the duo had also been nominated for the Sound of 2013 poll; They finished in second place.

Their style has been described as “futuristic pop” – they summarise the sound as “Hip Pop”.

Their album Body Music is scheduled for release July 1 2013 on Island Records.

Aluna George short

We listened to Attracting Flies and here’s what we figgad:

Flipping poppets are riveted together with butterfly wings and turn-screw clumsiness. And there’s a reason for that … Ultimately, the girl is telling the boy that he is full of crap: “Everything you exhale is attracting flies”.  She tells him head-on (like a car crash). But she sweets up the message in true ‘Lily Allen’ style with a baby voice that laces the innards of the song to the boppping beats.

The almost-rap softness of Aluna Francis’s  lyrics step-step along in a flip-flopping fashion. Like a pad-footed fox with a thorn in his stride.  

It’s all as sweet as icing candy,  and as teeny-tiny as deely bobbing cheerleader in pom poms – but you get the point: Don’t be such a deceitful fucking prick.

© Neil Mach March 2013