Kensaye is a Parisian producer, radio-host, DJ and percussionist who lives in London. He has worked with (Mercury award winner) Speech Debelle and has performed as a percussionist with M3NSA.  He also composed the music for motion picture ‘Riot from Wrong’, an award winning documentary about the 2011 UK riots.

Kensaye has now released his Dwele (Andwele Gardner) remix – “Hold On” (Kensaye Ummm & Ahhh Remix) Ft. Innocent.

Here’s what we figgad:

This remix of Dwele’s 2004 cut (the original with Erro) incorporates glorious rumbling drums and flirtatious low slung bass-notes that spit and vamp like a vixen on the bite.

Chewy percussion is a feature, and the big-bounce shaky rhythms sizzle as they stickily chupachup along. An East-end cockney apotheosis sits deftly alongside the glorious symmetry of those stunning original vox. The result is a rich embodiment of atmospheric sound and lacy vibes.

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