London born singer songwriter Kayla L’ayton has been writing and performing from the tender age of 9 and continued to hone her musical skills at the famous BRIT School, home to artists such as Adele, Jessie J, Leona Lewis and more.

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Since then Kayla has worked with many different writers & producers including Eeema, Davinche, DJ Manny Norte, Kele Le Roc and The Mitchell Brothers and was influenced heavily by the UK Garage scene when she first started out.

In 2012 Kayla made available her first EP “This is Me” which has received over 5,350 free downloads to date via SoundCloud.  Kayla also collaborated with UK garage and grime producer Submerse for the UKG 2012 Volume 3 compilation EP, released under M.I. Raw label.  Kayla featured on BBC 1xtra DJ Cameo and performed the track exclusively live on air.

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Unsigned, this is Kayla’s self-made introduction to the industry, with her new six track EP “Uninhibited” which includes a stunning array of songs and music.

You can download the EP NOW from iTunes:…d-ep/id641656766

We  listened to the powerful new number ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ and here’s what we figgad:

On this track, a smooth velvet voice threads itself out – like a touch of toothpaste – against the gently dappling piano and a tinkling of tiny bells.

Kayla’s voice is dramatically impressive – and as unctuously emolient as a butter-whipped cocoa smoothie. It is flecked with tiny fluorescent high notes – found within the swelter – and these indicate the salient points that will make you firmly believe in the infatuated craving.

It is an insistent song, with that wanton line “Don’t let me go” acting as an anchor. The piano becomes strident and tethering… the tie-down to that magnificent voice.

But Kayla’s voice is always ready to rise – and rise it does – as the tension increases. The final passionate flaming – in the closing moments of this song – will fill your heart with fire and joy. Truly amazing!

© Neil Mach May  2013