Chancelor Bennett aka The Rapper has shared his visionary remix of Jeremih’s ‘Planes’ [the original with J. Cole ]

Written, Produced and Performed by Jeremih with Norwegian producer Lido, Chance The Rapper and with Peter Cottontale & Donnie Trumpet for The Social Experiment.

Knowing, credible and specific...

Knowing, credible and specific…

We had a listen:

Things start with an elevator waiting [for you] then the creatively beautiful voice slips in.

After that, the accompanying jazz-flow makes an entrance like a well-hoofed banker slipping on a slice of hidden jello. Smooth, rich and unexpected.

The wave-synth blips are chipper as the rhythms start making you question your own ears.

That’s when the rapper makes his dusty entrance. Knowing, credible and specific “Listen to Kells, then get back with me…

Clever take on the original … never quite overwhelming it , but adding new layers of beat and tempo onto, what is, a perfect track.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©