Long-time friends and accomplices CHUCK INGLISH and L.A. Music Group BLENDED BABIES have linked up for EV ZEPPLIN — a rock-influenced approach to a hip-hop album that involves a batch of guest star contributions including those from Nathan Santos, Jordis Unga, Alex Wiley, Caleb James, Aston Mathews, Asher Roth, Boldy James, Major Myjah and others.

Chuck Inglish - rockier and smearier than most ...

Chuck Inglish – rockier and smearier than most …

We had a listen:

We On” (ft. Nathan Santos, Jordis Unga) has large locked metal plates of sound and draining rhythms. [Shared below.]

This is hot ‘n’ sweaty with angular rusty joints and festering rap. The rock star voice from Jordis Unga  grins as it smirks as it kisses. This is self-love, swollen and oh-so effective.

Over Much” (ft. Alex Wiley, Caleb James) is progressive and precocious… reminding us of early Outkast.

It has chipper beats and melodic voices. The lyric is chesty and self-important. This is rapidly developing and perennially intoxicating.

Tokyo Keys” (ft. Asher Roth, Boldy James, Major Myjah) is reminiscent of almost everything out there right now.

But the low-slung bumptious bass-notes help make this rockier and smearier than most.

The other track you should go for is “Gun” ft. Asher Roth. This is kinda familiar, reminding us of “Woke Up This Morning” [Alabama 3.]

With the percolating rhythms and truly in-your-face sass.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/OldInglish