There’s more than just a little funk spirit in the fresh album from XENIA RUBINOS titled BLACK TERRY CAT and anticipated June 3rd.

The unique and soulful sound has already been described by The New Yorker as “rhythmically fierce.”

Rubinos uses her powerful voice to crossbeam an extraordinary range of genres from R & B via Hip-Hop to jazz and beyond. This all conveyed with a New York style punk-funk passion.

Rubinos explained the utterly fascinating album-cover photo of a smiling gap toothed girl with a bow in her hair, “NYC street photographer Joseph Rodriguez’s picture of “Girl in Blue Dress” taken in Spanish Harlem in 1988 felt like the perfect soulful hostess for my album. I imagine this girl and the record itself exploring this special mojo where things work in unexpected ways that may be less conventional but are beautiful and captivating.”

Xenia Rubinos Photo by Camilo Fuentealba

Xenia Rubinos Photo by Camilo Fuentealba


SPIN is currently premièring the track “Lonely Lover” from the album and we had a listen to this future-soul piece too :

A snake rattles warns us of the slow burning pain that will ooze soon through the beating sound waves.

The voice is super-soft and dark velvety. The rhythms step down, bleating and reckless…

Although there are oddities and discordant pulses here, this is more-or-less clever soul with urban perspectives and smoky eastern interventions.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©