LAW HOLT is to appear at Edinburgh’s Neu! Reekie!’s Summer Squeeze this Saturday July 2nd.

LAW HOLT creates spasms deep down in your ventricles...

LAW HOLT creates spasms deep down in your ventricles…

She recently released her latest track titled Spit from her forthcoming debut album City, out August 12th via Soulpunk, so this is the perfect chance to catch her captivating live show.

Law aka Lauren Holt has had a talent for singing since aged 16 but didn’t turn her hand to songwriting until 2013. Her first attempt, co-written with Young Fathers’ production team was Hustle, a first-take singing performance that led on to a hugely productive recording spree at the Soulpunk studio in Leith, Edinburgh.

The new single Spit sees her tremble-bell vocals matched with fairy-tale beats and the kind of sinister fantasy mumble that creates spasms deep down in your ventricles.