With his new single ‘The Only Way I Know’ gaining max airplay the hip hop legend SAVVY aka Asaviour is giving his die hard fans the chance to grab a special shirt.

The iconic design symbolizes  the #tbfham

The iconic design symbolizes the #tbfham

Known for his inimitable style and swagger, the Huddersfield based rapper, producer and wordplay artist has launched a exclusive limited edition The Battle for Hearts and Minds tee. What’s more if you wear the t-shirt to any of Savvy’s up and coming gigs you’ll gain free entry.

The iconic design, which is already whipping up a storm on Instagram, symbolizes the #tbfham – also the title of the rapper’s latest LP.

His new single “The Only Way I Know” featuring Malcolm Carson is out now.

He said: “It’s all about blurring the lines and this is the perfect way to connect with my fans through fashion, music and art. We all face a struggle between doing what heart and intuition tells you is right and what brain and logic suggests. It’s light and dark, it’s ying and yang, and it tests us all. We all face the same yet each experience is new. As a creative individual I am inspired by this and the choices we make. ”

The Battle for Hearts and Minds” tackles some of the most taboo topics in the Western World. This isn’t just a tshirt, it’s the start of a journey. So come on and join me, follow #tbfhm challenge your thoughts and perceptions and see the world through the eyes of others. As a gift to you, each fair trade, organic t-shirt comes with an exclusive free download of the first track on my forthcoming album. Peace and blessings.

To order your t-shirt and get your free copy of The Only Way I Know today visit: