Bay Area MC and Musical Artist SAYKNOWLEDGE caused wipeout and gained a copious following thanks to a spellbinding stream of activity that consolidated cognizant rhymes with unmistakeable rhythms.

But now ready to close the chapter on his Sayknowledge moniker, the MC has returned under a new name RICH IYALA and brand new single “Medusa.”

groovy with finger-clicks and sweet breath

groovy with finger-clicks and sweet breath

A collaboration with UK based producer & DJ ROM whose recent releases on Soulection has earned the multi-instrumentalist a sincere following the song “Medusa” finds IYALA and ROM bring home a celestial intermixture of sounds that employ all manner of ideas and concepts from vocal aberrations created by vocoder, to synth-work and throwback elements of funk and soul.

We had a listen:

This is smooth and groovy with finger-clicks and sweet breath ‘n’ runny honey vox.

Iyala also plans collaborations with Mr. Carmack, Mikos Da Gawd, Chris Keys and Mars Today.

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©