The music that Josiah Wise makes as SERPENTWITHFEET is so celestial that — surely — it’s too pure for this sullied world.

heartbreaking - at the same time, magnificent

heartbreaking – at the same time, magnificent

Four Ethers” with crumple-horned extravaganzas and war-drum rhythms possesses the kind of richness you did not know existed in this mortal and deadening grey-haired existence we call our Earth.

If Mozart lived now and he had employed English singer SEAL as his main vocalist, he might have approached this grandeur. But he probably wouldn’t have.

Blisters”is heartbreaking but at the same time magnificent. The voice here is much more powerful that the whispers on “Four Etehers” — the vibrato quality sends a chill through each of your nerve endings. And there is gospel in the mix too.

This is emotional storytelling at its very best with every single nuance given spiritual meaning.

The fact that the talented Haxan Cloak is a collaborator should not be overlooked.

EP “Blisters” [out now] is a triumph. On Tri Angle Records.

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