Encinitas, CA bred and Los Angeles based DJ/Producer VENESSAMICHAELS is the confident hot-stuff mixer who’s ready for take-off and preparing for flight.

VenessaMichaels is more than a meritorious DJ spinning-out the best tunes: she’s also a skilled producer and songwriter. An all-around artist.

VenessaMichaels – vibrating trembelgasms

In recent years, Venessa has earned a reputation by designing her very own sound-style: #2090

Through #2090 she gives fans her special whirl on RnB, 90s classics, and 808s.

Steering her own journey, Venessa centers on what drives her passion, as she takes time to curate a well-crafted solo project titled: FLIGHT. It’s a 4-track EP that spans multiple genres, mingling sounds that incorporate Venessa’s own #2090 as well as Pop, Hip-Hop, and RnB.

We had a listen:

Ridin’ The Waves” (Feat. Effy & Outlaw The Artist) is snappy and agile with crunchy beats, cotton glued with woo-woo voices and textured by gritty bass.

Bubblesome “Chemistry” with its petrochemical rap is full of gentle rocking and a perfect number to show off a booty. And the vibrating trembelgasms of “Interlude” segue handsomely into “Dance Forever” (Feat. $K) with warming vocals.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/venessamichaelsmusic/