New York singer/songwriter Mikala Leaf McLean aka LEAF has issued her new single, “Having Fun.”

Leaf, more bounce than a re-bound on a giggle-bed…

In the summer of 2016 LEAF released a fine collaboration titled “Nada” featuring Lil Yachty ( produced by Soundz) taken from her 2017 “Trinity” album.

She also brought out a brand called “Money Before Men” that helps promote female empowerment. Her hit, “MONEY” [produced by LuiDiamonds] was an anthem for female entrepreneurs.

Having Fun” has more bounce than a re-bound on a giggle-bed, and is neat & tidy in a way that doesn’t allow much squeeze-room for freestyle. Nevertheless, the echoing bottom bang is what this is all about, so with lyrical squiggles and superlative vocals this is as high as a skylark and sharp as a cutlass.