From Moody, Alabama via Louisiana, FRANKIE SMALLZ is an independent hip-hop artist whose new single, “Make A Wish” [shared below] looks into acquiring the fruits of endeavor while learning to deal with the power and privilege that comes with it. For example, materialism is not on the path to happiness, whereas personal growth will be.

Frankie Smallz – tales from hustletown entrepreneurship…

Described as the “Machine Gun Kelly of Alabama” Frankie kindles an astonishing response from anyone who hears his music or witnesses his performance. He’s the kind of artist who gains maximum-vibe from his fans.

His lyrical content is drawn from life experiences, with narrative on ghetto crackling’ and other tales from hustletown entrepreneurship.

Frankie brings grubby, juggling word-flows adorned with appealing melodic phrasing and swaggering harmonies. On stage, he’s a gifted articulator and awesome performer who always provides optimum exertion.

This month Frankie releases “Make A Wish” with a dark underbelly and incredible gravitas… the wordplay is accelerated and amphoteric.