The Surrey-based UK, BBC Introducing artist, producer, rapper & songwriter TWIVEE has now released his new EP titled ‘KING

We had a concentrated listen:

Oniss Twivee Jay Will

A wavering family life is conjured up in the sunless magnitude of the chorus…

The swirly, fog-laden, dazy-day, title-track “King” focuses on the effects of waiting for your time, while being sincere, honest and grateful to those who have retained you over the years and thanking them because they have seen more than your shadow. The omnigenic complexity of a familiar society — and a wavering & vulnerable family life — is conjured up in the sunless magnitude of the chorus… but it is the expedition of the text’s zip line that precipitates the most self-reflective questions in a listener’s heart: it gets you to ask yourself why you haven’t taken chances, yet, too. “There might be a certain level of fucking madness and I’m holding it deep inside my mind…” In fact, now is the time to go for a crown head. Before it is too late.

Like a hubble-bubble pipe, the next track snorts a globose and sticky formula that makes you think that this moocher is a guy who wants something free but doesn’t want to give anything back. What makes you think the protagonist of “The Scrob Shop” [Produced by Juneaux Beats & Penacho] probably still lives with his mother, doesn’t deserve a 9-5 job and can’t even come up with a realistic plan? Except, maybe, he needs more grass? If that’s your view of this mangle-clawed scratcher, then you’ll most likely find him buying herb for his tin at the local Scrob Shop.

Recorded with Reigate’s most favored son (the BBC’s “Let It Shine” vocalist Josh Bailey) “Picking up the Pieces” is an amazing work of art. The piece has depth, worrying edges and flourishing credentials. The individualized face-to-face rap is a sour-tasting cocktail of acidic pollutants that need to be rid from a dazed mind before it can think straight: “I’m breaking my back to see you in a better place”.

Twivee Picking Up The Pieces

About human courage overcoming vices and protection against the coming storm…

Featuring ONI$$ & singer/songwriter Will Jay, the tireless confiscation that’s “Let Me Know” is all about human courage overcoming vices and protecting those you love from the coming storm. The voice is desperate and deep, the rap is farinaceous and textured. Without mercy, this number grabs your lapels and slaps you before someone else does. In this jewel of an album, this track stands out with the greatest brightness.

However, another prominent track is the twinkling: “Have it All” (video shared below) with starlet Hannah King, that has the most impulsive rap-rhythm you’ll have heard in a long time: “If you ain’t about it — keep moving...”— while dark spaces loom up and engulf the champions because they’re not totally alert. As the number suggests, this is “a rush to your head.” So go on then.

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