The Budapest-born and Berlin-based producer, keys-player extraordinaire and multi-instrumentalist ÀBÁSE  has followed-up his impressive debut EP “Invocation” via HHV Records/Cosmic Compositions – by releasing a new EP titled “Elevate”.


Àbáse – Smoothness at its most imperative…

The release, which is a collection of older songs and collaborations, showcases the diverse and multi-faceted nature of Àbáse’s artistry – with hip-hop, RnB, neo-soul and jazz all compiled into a short and sweet 4-track offering.

The EP is a collection of beats I created between 2014 and 2016 in Paris and Budapest that I finished with collaborators I met during my travels to New York, London and Birmingham…” he says.

The recordings also feature many of my long-time musician friends from the Budapest scene...”

Songs such as: Slow It Down (feat Emmavie, ScienZe) are simple closed curves of sound that rebound against a pelter of trap-style rhythms… with sympathetic vocals that glint in action.

Title track “Elevate” (feat Jessie Davis, SoulClap Budapest) is jazzier and cloudier. With wristbands of sheen & purplish flumes of smoke that glance through gleamy flutes to lift among the dazzling vocal patterns. This is smoothness at its most imperative.