Australian singer-songwriter GUY SEBASTIAN has shared his new soul drenched single ‘Only Thing Missing’ lifted from his ninth studio album and ARIA #1 record titled: T.R.U.T.H. out via Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

Husbanded from a virtual writing session last year, ‘Only Thing Missing’ is a crunchy, effervescent gesticulation to Guy’s far-famed propensity to harmoniously coalescing genres, integrating his passion for soulful pop with his love of R&B roots to present an appealing and polytonal, summery staycation soundtrack.

The whole chorus pretty much came to me while I was making a coffee

I wrote ‘Only Thing Missing’ on a song writing camp in the thick of lockdown… he says.

It was one of the first virtual song writing camps I had been a part of so it was a new way to write, which was actually exciting. For this session I was in my home studio in Sydney and streaming online with Trevor and Zaire of The Orphanage, who were in LA.  We started by building the track which was really fun, and we were loving the vibe and verses, but the chorus was taking time to come.”


Guy continues: “At one point I went downstairs to make myself a coffee and as it often does, when I step away from the session, the idea comes. The whole chorus pretty much came to me while I was making a coffee, then we worked off each other to finish the song.”

Check out the song here: