Brampton, Canada’s DEAR-GOD (aka Robert Ortiz and previously known as Crack Baby) returns this Season to share a fresh song, “Bitter Winter” that continues with his high-octane blend of confrontational punk and rap.

Dear God Bitter Winter

Dear God – the rap peeks out like a moose with antlers trapped in a waste bin…

In among a barbed tangle of jumbled sound the rap vocal peeks out like a moose with his antlers trapped in a waste bin. In other words, distorted, contagious and highly dangerous !

“ The Canadian winter peaks are dreadful, and can be extremely mentally exhausting. It sucks being stuck inside all day completely isolated in a small town. It also sucks graduating high school and working trash jobs while all your friends move onto better things,” says DEAR-GOD.

In the midst of a mental breakdown, I churned up a ruthless venting song about the aching depression that the lonely winter left me with. It was more of a middle finger up to the bullshit going on around me rather than a cry for help. I aimed to capture that raw nihilism I was really feeling at the time, and then this song came about.